How to get out of the chasm and start selling NFTs by creating priceless experiences.

As humans, we live our lives in pursuit of happiness. We buy things, we do things and we think things to be happier.

In addition, the famous saying “you go back where you had a good time” seems to be aligned with this. As we look for happiness, if you ever find it in something or somewhere, most of the time you will come back for it.

This applies to all areas of your life, but now we will focus on how this can help you to succeed in the NFT market because I was doing some research and I discovered that only 30% of the minted NFTs are being sold…

Don’t get confused, I’m not the guy who says this, the statistics are.

We could say that only a few privileged individuals are selling, but this doesn’t surprise me. If you analyze their cases, they all have something in common.

Do you want to be part of this privileged group? Keep reading, I’m going to help you.

We were talking about the distribution of sales and we discover that only a few artist are recognized and actually selling their NFTs. But why this happened?

Well… This is because they are no longer artists, they are now brands.

A brand is built around relationships and those relationships are built on good experiences.

Most of us, when we go to buy a new pair of shoes we go straight to the shelf where our favorite brand is, for example, Nike.

This is not just a coincidence; you’ve probably worn Nike in the past and your experience was amazing. So, why risk trying to wear another brand if you already know that this one is good? Why try if this already makes you happy?

Are you getting the picture? The same thing happens with artists. It’s all around happiness and if someone already had a good experience with one, why would try with another that may not make him happy?

Innovative Nike Shelf

As an Artist you need to think:

· Where I’m good?

· How can I help people?

· In what topics people need help?

Thinking about these kinds of things will make you realize the millions of experiences you can deploy with your NFTs to make people happier.

Do you remember the NFT issued by Kings of Leon that allow you to have free tickets for life in the front row and also a unique experience where before the concert you meet the band, get free merch and even a personal driver?

Have you ever heard about the NFTs that was sold for $177,777 and allowed you to play tennis for 30 minutes with Andy Murray at the All England Club?

And what about the NFT that New Renaissance sold of Danny Green’s 2020 NBA Championship Ring that came with a physical 3D rotating image?

Those all are experiences that use the NFT as an excuse to deploy it and also the 3 were sold for a lot of money, is that a coincidence?…

NO! Just think how valuable would be a match with Murray for a tennis player, think what would be like for a NBA Fan to have that ring in their house and how much it would be worth for a Kings of Leons lover to live that experience.

I mean, that has no monetary value and that’s why is so expensive.

1. Digital frame reproducing Murray’s NFT | 2. Kings of Leon NFT flyer | 3. Danny Green Ring picture

I know, if you are a small artist maybe is hard to do it, maybe not many people value you as much as they should, but think that all the biggest were there once.

Start small, from wherever you can. Think about how you can make experiences that are priceless, that people want to live because they know how happy they will be, and then connect them with your NFTs.

If I had to say what I think is the key to success, I would bet on this.

  • If you are a musician you can say that each person who buys your NFTs has access to a singing lesson with you.
  • If you are a visual artist you may want to also send the physical piece to the person who buy your NFT.
  • If you are a marketer guy you can make that the NFT represents the entry to a training.
  • If you are a business you can say that if someone proves they own the NFT they get a 30% discount on any product.

Imagine, I’m writing while I’m thinking but I’m sure that if you think properly, a good idea would come to you. And if not, there is no problem, ask for help but please, don’t give up without trying.

Create good experiences to build good relationships and generate an excellent reputation.

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Writter: Andrés Tole-Founder of “Authenticity-NFT consulting Agency”.

Founder of "Authenticity-NFT Consulting Agency"